About Firewater Media

Firewater Media, we elevate your brand to the top shelf.

At Firewater Media, we elevate your brand to the top shelf by connecting you with our loyal and thirsty audiences of consumers, buyers, educators and industry leaders. From fine wine aficionados and millennial drinkers, to leading somms and major retail buyers, our properties reach up to 12 million readers annually through all channels.

With an expanding footprint and readership, Firewater Media offers leading brands visibility in the most important markets throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia and Latin America. The power of Firewater Media properties delivers exceptional marketing solutions that connect brands with their audiences where they consume or buy wine and spirits the most frequently, ensuring that our partners are seen, heard and enjoyed no matter their size in the marketplace.

Firewater Media offers our brand partners integrated solutions that connect them with their audiences and deliver immediate, verifiable, analytical results. Those results lead to sales and brand recognition with our divergent readership. The Firewater Media platform enables a 360-degree view of the marketplace and offers a solution to every challenge, with exceptional reach to consumer and buyer audiences alike. Each day and in every content cycle we give our brand partners the tools that help them differentiate themselves from the competition, utilizing all available channels and applications, from digital and print to experiential events of all sizes.