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Firewater Media offers our brand partners impactful, targeted, results oriented solutions that drive consumer and industry awareness, sales and success.

Innovative brands looking for quantifiable results can tap into the Firewater Media platform for constant engagement with our audiences through our editorial, custom content, print, digital, social, and experiential events. Our team of experienced content creators include talented and respected editors, writers, videographers, event producers and social media mavens all highly knowledgeable in wine and spirits and each focused on elevating your brand to the top shelf.


Targeted, personalized, and curated, our print publications offer highly impactful solutions for all brand partners.

From our in-demand End-of-Year Buyers Guides to the return to print of Drink Me Magazine, the first player in millennial print magazines, Firewater Media can deliver custom, high-quality, coffee table quality print solutions for any need. With a print mailing list over 100,000+ consumers and industry insiders, we can ensure that your brand is seen in all its glory by all sides of the sales spectrum.


Digital is where we live in 2020 and beyond. If you’re not getting quantifiable, analytical results that validate your ROI, you’re working with the wrong media partner.

At Firewater Media we give our brand partners hard data that helps them target and define an audience, but more importantly, our analytics support your ROI, giving our brand partners satisfaction that their budgets are spent well in support of their brand initiatives.


We specialize in creating the right environment for the right brand, and having the right people there to experience it. With more than 150,000+ attendees at our events since our founding, we have the deepest database of consumers, industry and trade buyers to invite to any occasion.

From live events targeting consumers to product competitions with leading buyers, Firewater Media over-delivers on the event experience. From pop-up product launches for new brands with a curated list of influencers in multiple-markets, to focused educational tastings, we can deliver on all expectations. Our in-house produced events have generated many thousands of attendees who are constantly looking to discover new brands and experiences.

Partner with Firewater Media and let us tell your brand story to our engaged audiences.